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FBO Features:                                                                                                                                                     

  • First class FBO facility from ramp to parking lot

  • Qualified maintenance staff

  • Competitive jet fuel pricing

  • Complimentary concierge services

  • Friendly and experienced FBO staff

  • Quality and professional handling for aircraft and passengers

  • Competitive ramp and handling fees

  • Private facilities for crew members

Additional Amenities:

  • Flight planning room with computer, phone and color printer

  • Big screen TV with satellite

  • Free Internet throughout the facility

  • Complimentary executive conference room

  • Pilot’s lounge with comfy leather chairs and couches

 Hangar Services:

Reading Jet Center can handle all your aircraft storage needs.

Our team can expertly tow your aircraft into and out of the hangar.

Aircraft space is available on a daily, short-term and long-term basis.

Hangars range in size to accommodate many different makes and models of today’s general aviation fleet.

Call us 610-373-3000 for availability and a quote on your hangar space.